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Christmas present ideas with KoRo

Noch 15 Mal “Last Christmas” im Radio hören und schon ist wieder Weihnachten! Es wird also Zeit, Deine Geschenke zu besorgen – nur bitte nicht schon wieder Schoki und Wollsocken, wie die letzten Jahre auch! Keine Kreativität und keine Zeit sind keine Ausrede. Was Du brauchst, sind ein paar helfende Weihnachtselfen, die Dir unter die Arme greifen und die typischen Geschenke-Fails gegen individuelle Schätze austauschen. May we introduce: die perfekten KoRo-Weihnachtsgeschenke für Deine Liebsten!

Christmas present ideas with KoRo

1. "Sir Mix a Lot" high performance blender


Say hello to “KoRo's high performance blender”, "Sir Mix a Lot"! This blender can help with anything from your creamy bowl for breakfast and a quick soup for lunch to a tasty dip for your nachos and your next smoothie. The mixer comes with 1500 W of power and a capacity of 2.0 L so you can make a large amount of your favourite hummus for your friends at the next dinner party!

2. KoRo gift card


The best present anyone can wish for: KoRo's gift cards! With a KoRo gift card, your friends can not only get a lot of KoRo treats delivered to their home, but they can choose their favourite items themselves. You receive the voucher by email, then simply print it out, make it look nice and a lovely gift is ready!

3. Meaningful non-food items


Please, not another boring Lynx set from the drugstore! With our convenient non-food items, you don't give a gift just to give a gift, but a token of love with meaning! After all, you don't want your gift to gather dust in the corner. Instead, how about making eating in the office a really stylish and delicious affair with the KoRo lunchbox or our thermal food container? Or go even more extravagant and gift one of our coconut bowls or olive wood bowls to use at home? The sushi starter kit is a lot of fun for the next dinner party. As you can see, the possibilities at KoRo are endless, even outside of our food items!

4. Special treats and gourmet presents


We get your idea, but put that wine bottle back in the cellar. We have a lot of treats that ar more creative and last longer than a bottle of fancy french wine. Go for treats like our chocolate covered coffee beans or a creamy tahini with coconut – things that you wouldn't normally treat yourself to. You can also show off your gourmet skills with a selection of our fine cooking oils: pumpkin seed oil or walnut oil look pretty good with a nice bow around them. Even mum and dad-in-law will like it immediately!

5. Wooden toys for children


You can make children happy with anything. But you'll definitely get disappointed looks with cuddly socks and clothes for Christmas. So be a cool adult and put some colourful wooden building blocks or the amazing KoRo marble run under the tree this Christmas. Or you can finally make time for the little rascals and play a round of KoRo Quartet with them.

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